Colorado Articles and Presentations

“Protecting Your Business from Employee Competition: Non-compete Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, and Other Restrictions on Employee Competition” presented at the ACC Colorado Chief Legal Officer / General Counsel Meeting (May 19, 2015).

“Non-Compete Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements and Other Restrictions on Employee Competition”, CLE of Colorado (September 2014)

“Invoking the Attorney-Client Privilege Against Former Officers & Directors,” The Colorado Lawyer, (March 2005)

“Rule 103(a) and Harmless Error,” The Colorado Lawyer, (November 2004)

“Rule 403: The Balancing Test,” The Colorado Lawyer, (February 2004)

“Admissibility of ‘Other Acts’ Evidence under C.R.E. 404(b),” The Colorado Lawyer, (July 2003)

“Book Review: How to Win Jury Trials: Building Credibility with Judges and Jurors,” The Colorado Lawyer, (October 1999)

“Prior Consistent Statements: Rule 801(d)(1)(B) and Beyond,” The Colorado Lawyer, (September 1999)

“Rule 301 – Overcoming Presumptions,” The Colorado Lawyer, (January 1998)

“Rule 36,” chapter, Colorado Civil Procedure Forms & Commentary, (1996)

“Rule 106 and the Doctrine of Completeness,” The Colorado Lawyer, (July 1996)

“Res Gestae Evidence,” The Colorado Lawyer, (July 1995)

“Use of Rule 404(a) Character Evidence in Civil Cases,” The Colorado Lawyer, (August 1994)

“Authentication of Private Documents by Nonexpert Witnesses,” The Colorado Lawyer, (October 1993)

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